Shostakovich-13th Quartet Op.138

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Shostakovich-13th Quartet  Op.138

Playing Shostakovich. 25 1 17(Photo Marius Skaerved)

Kreutzer Quartet

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-MihailoTrandafilovski-Clifton Harrison-Neil Heyde

Live at Michael Tippett Centre, Bath

January 25th 2016

‘In recent years. Shostakovich has not played as big a part in my life as he did when I was younger, when works such as the great late Violin Sonata Op 134, the 4th and 7th Quartets, and the early Octet Op 11 were so central to my musical life. But now, it seems to me, we are desperately in need of music such as this, that enjoins us to take a long hard look at who we are.’ Peter Sheppard Skaerved 30 1 17