Sadie Harrison-Gallery (World Premiere-Wilton’s Music Hall September 11th 2013)

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Sadie Harrison-Gallery (World Premiere-Wilton’s Music Hall September 11th 2013) The Flight of Swallows, Mint tea in an empty Medina, same strand…, ‘Measure for Measure’, the wonder of flying or Time for the night of practise, Return from Lysøen-25/10/12,Sadie Harrison-Gallery (Part 2) (World Premiere), Coffee with Aphra Behn: Westminster Abbey Cloisters, Nur Pünktlich, Sheppard’s Meadow, Two morning lights, It rubs off

Review of First Performance.  ‘Tempo’ March 2014 Kreutzer Quartet, Wilton’s Music Hall, London: Beethoven, Sadie Harrison, Edward Cowie and Michael Finnissy

On 11 October 2013, the charismatic leader of the Quartet, Peter Sheppard Sk?rved, gave the world premiere of Sadie Harrison’s Gallery, for solo violin (2013). This collection of eleven short pieces, is the first in an ongoing series of works inspired by Sk?rved’s artwork, either in terms of the technique with which they wer created, or as a response to the inherent drama and beauty of the subjects. J S Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas were invoked by the clarity and purity of Harrison’s idiomatic writing and in the timeless, archaic quality of her more study-like movements. Specific effects, such as glissandi and harmonics, were quietly effective and invariably at the service of the ideas, which were strong and memorable. The collection was split into two parts, the second of which contained some especially well-defined miniatures, such as the violent and implacable Nur Pünktlich, the wistful nostalgia of Sheppard’s Meadow , and the resolute, folk-like scrubbing of It Rubs Off. Peter Sheppard Sk?rved surmounted the various technical demands of him with insouciant ease and gave a warmly characterful rendering of pieces clearlyl tailor made for his talents as a communicator. Gallery  is a most welcome addition to the repertoire, with a scope and vision sufficient to suggest that even more of its facets might be revealed where other soloistst to take it up. It is good news that Harrison has already embarked upon a further collection of these art-inspired, jewel like pieces.


Paul Conway

Sadie Harrison is one of the reasons that I am a violinist. I have worked with her for most of my professional life, and her astonishing music has bewildered me with its beauty, sincerity and emotional richness for all of that time. These pieces were based on a series of my drawings and paintings. For more on the development of the pieces, go to: LINK

Onstage with Sadie Harrison, after the premiere of 'Gallery' Wilton's Music Hall, September 11th 2013

Onstage with Sadie Harrison, after the premiere of ‘Gallery’ Wilton’s Music Hall, September 11th 2013

The Flight of Swallows. Bavaria July 2010

The Flight of Swallows. Bavaria July 2010