Recordings and Films (to order)

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Recording is a central part of my work, and for the past few years, I have produced the majority of my own work, working for a range of labels including Toccata Classics, Metier (Divine Art), Naxos, and Guild.

There are lots of exciting discs on the way. At the moment, the following are in prepation (recorded, finding their way through the production, pressing stage)

Hans Werner Henze-Concertos Volume 2 (Naxos), Mihailo Trandafilovski-Concerto and music for Quartet and Choir (Naxos), Reicha Complete Quartets (Volumes 2 & 3) (Toccata), Michael Finnissy/Grieg-Quintets (Metier), Paul Osterfield-Caprices (Toccata) … and many more

 Here is a selection of available CDs with links to order them: Click on the titles to link to the sites, to order. Naturally, individual tracks can be downloaded.  If you would like to order direct from this site, click on the CONTACT link at the top of the page, and we can help out!

Beethoven Sonatas Op 30 & Clement- Variations(with Aaron Shorr)












Jeremy Dale Roberts-Works for Violin and Piano, and String Trio (With Aaron Shorr, Morgan Godd, Neil Heyde)












Nigel Clarke-Two Violin Concertos, Pernambuco (With Longbow, Chris Davies etc)








Mihailo Trandafilovski-Concerto, Quartet, Duos (With Lontano, Kreutzer Quartet)











Gloria Coates-Violin Concerto, String Quartet (with Neil Thomson, Kreutzer Quartet)












Henze, Matthews, Hakim, Smirnov-Solo Works












McCabe & Rawsthorne-Solo Works and Duos (With Tamami Honma & Christine Sohn)











George Rochberg-Violin Concerto







 Paul Moravec-Ariel & Protean Fantasies (with Aaron Shorr, & Eighth Blackbird)







Richard Beaudoin-Quartets (with Kreutzer Quartet & Mark Knoop)











John Ogden-Works for Violin and Cello (With Raphael Sommer)






Sadie Harrison-Bavad Khair Baqi Solo Violin and Ensemble Works 












Gloria Coates Quartet 9, Solo Sonata, Piano Trio (with Kreutzer Quartet, Roderick Chadwick)







Quartet Choreography-DVD Quartets by Lutoslawski, Finnissy, Ligeti, Stravinsky











Beethoven Sonatas Op 12 & Andreas Romberg Sonata (with Aaron Shorr)












David Matthews-Solo works (Volume I)










Elliott Schwartz-Works for Violin and Piano, Piano Trio, and Strings












Tartini-30 Piccole Sonate (Volume 1)










Thomas Simaku-2 Quartets, 2 Soliloquys








Tartini-30 Sonate Piccole (Volume 2)










Oboe Quintets by James Clarke, Christopher Fox, Roger Redgate












Nigel Clarke-Solo Works (with Janne Thomsen, James Watson, Tamami Honma, Neil Heyde)












Rochberg-Caprice Variations & Violin Sonata (with Aaron Shorr)











Gloria Coates-Quartets 1-9 (Box Set) (with Kreutzer Quartet)







David Matthews-Compete Quartets Volume 1 (with Kreutzer Quartet)











Beethoven-Sonatas Op 23 & 24, Ries-Sonata












Paul Pellay-Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness












Telemann-12 Fantasies











Sadie Harrison-Works for Violin and Piano, and String Quartet (with Kreutzer Quartet and Aaron Shorr)











Hans Werner Henze-Complete Concerti (Volume 1)Grammy Nominated







Northern Lights-String Quartets by Casken, Weir, Saxton 











Beethoven-Sonata Op 96 & Erzherzog Rudolph-Variations (With Aaron Shorr)












John McCabe-Trios, Quintet. (With Kreutzer Quartet, Linda Merrick, Aaron Shorr)








Michael Finnissy-Quartets 2 & 3 (with Kreutzer Quartet)












Anton Reicha – Complete Quartets (Volume 1)










David Gorton-Solo & Chamber works (With Kreutzer Quartet and Roderick Chadwick)












Beethoven-Sonata Op 47 & Mayseder Sonata 












Michael Alec Rose- Solo and Chamber Works (with many friends)









Rochberg & Schwartz String Quartets (with Kreutzer Quartet)












Michael Finnissy- String Quartets (with Kreutzer Quartet)











Peter Maxwell Davies String Quartets (with Kreutzer Quartet)











David Matthews-Complete Quartets Volume 2 (with Kreutzer Quartet)










Roberto Gerhard-Quartets 1 & 2 (with Kreutzer Quartet)







Catalan String Quartets-Sarda, Soler, Roger (With Kreutzer Quartet)