Clara Schumannn-on Grieg’s Piano

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Clara Schumann-‘Leidenschaftlich Schnell’ (Op 22) Roderick Chadwick (Steinway 1892-Troldaugen), Peter Sheppard Skaerved (Stradivari 1698 ‘Joachim) NB Lo-Fi Audio Rip from digital camera. Rehearsal, 1st June 2013 (Bergen Festspilen 2013)  

Joachim’s violin. Grieg’s Piano. Clara Schumann-dedicated to Joachim. Troldhaugen 1st June 2013. PSS with Roderick Chadwick

In 1860, Joachim was giving concerts in Dresden. Hans Christian Andersen was profoundly moved by the concert he gave with Clara Schumann:

Dresden 2nd November 1860-Til Edvard Collin [trans. PSS] ‘Last night, I was at the last concert that Clara Schumann and Joachim gave here; it was overwhelming and that was a true novelty to here. She asked me to say that she would be delighted to be invited to Copenhagen. Joachim is somewhat famous, and I wish that everyone in Copenhagen had heard him-there is strength and beauty, there is a human-heart in his violin.’


Franz von Lenbach’s picture of Clara Schumann (1878)


Franz von Lenbach’s picture of Nina Grieg, on the wall at Troldhaugen