…a morning’s work at Rosendal Baroniet

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…a morning’s work at Rosendal Baroniet

The front door of Rosendal manor…

Torelli-C minor Prelude (from Walsh ‘Select Preludes and Vollenteries London 1705). Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Stradivari 1698. Workshop recording at Rosendale Baroniet (built 1665)

3/6/13:An aristonishing (1665) room in Rosendal Manor to sit and play Torelli, Gottfired Finger, Albinoni, Torelli, Bassani this morning. The walls covered with the original silk/linen…

The Manor house of Rosendal Baroniet was built in 1665. It is an inspiring place, by any standards, a modest winged house built around a beautiful courtyard, abutting 17th geometric rose gardens and under the Rauneskogen-which looms 800m over the estate.This morning I felt that I wanted to spend time in the one room in the first floor of the house that is in ‘pure’ 17th Century state, with the orginal wall coverings (see above), fire place, and a ¬†limewood four poster. The room seemed the perfect place to play the 17th Century violin preludes I love so much; Purcell, Gorton, Banister, Torelli, Bassani. But in addition, I found myself producing my own musical ‘nod’ to the room, and the severe design of the rose beds outside.

17th century rose beds at Rosendal

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Rosendal-piece 1piece 2

(Workshop recording, Rosendal Baroniet, 3-6-13)