Festspillene i Bergen 2013-day-by-day

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Festspillene i Bergen 2013-day-by-day


Something about the previous visits: Back to LysoenThree days in Bergen


Wednesday 29th May- Coaching at the Grieg Academy. This was my soft start to an exciting few days. Tomorrow, the rest of the Kreutzer Quartet, plus Roderick Chadwich and the wonderful Michael Finnissy, arrive. But I began by working with some fascinating young players, from Azerbaijan, Estonia and Norway, at Bergen’s Grieg Academy.

Pianist, Jørn Skauge, who played the 2nd Grieg Sonata, with Ulvi Hasanli today


Grieg had strong ideas about string sound; writing about one of his songs ton Johanssen,  he noted:

“I meant it to have the sound of an Amati violin, or better, violoncello, sombre and moving.”

Imgemar Kassleopold and Ulvi Hasanli, who both played today!


With Michael Finnissy, Neil Heyde, Morgan Goff, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Roderick Chadwick, after playing what one audience member described as Michael’s ‘gift to Bergen’-his completion of the Grieg quintet-thanks due to the team at Festpille 2013, and especially Anders Beyer and Øystein Kvinge.

Concert at Troldhaugen,with a kindly Edvard Grieg on the (exquisite) piano. 1 6 13Roderick Chadwick and I finished with Delius ‘Lullaby for a Modern Baby’-the first time I have played the piece (which I will always associate with Ralph Holmes, who is the reason I’m a musician). I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry(that didn’t work). Then they wanted more, so we played Grieg/Andersen’s ‘Jeg Elsker Dig’ and I read from Malene Sheppard Skaerved’s writing about HCA and Riborg Voigt. Then they still wanted more, so I did the thing that I had promised not too, my (OTT) version of ‘Knud Larsens Halling’, which by now, has become sort of thrash metal Hardanger-I figured that it was my last concert here,so if they ran me out of town on a rail,then at least I had done my bit.

31st May. Bergen Festspille 2013. ‘Saeterjentens Fredag’ at Haakonshallon. With Roderick Chadwick and Michael Finnissy, playing his own piece..

Jim Aitchison-‘I must go out into the world, and bring my spark to a flame’ Workshop Performance-Grieg Academy Bergen. 31st May 2013 (Lo-Fi Audio rip from Video)

A new collaboration begins; with inspiring young colleagues from the Julliard School and Norwegian Music Academy. 11pm 30th May 2013 Bergen. Left to Right: Maria Carlsen, Ellen Nisbeth,Ole christian Gullikstad Haagenrud, Lionel Cottet, PSS

…a morning’s work at Rosendal Baroniet

Torelli-C minor Prelude (from Walsh ‘Select Preludes and Vollenteries London 1705). Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Stradivari 1698. Workshop recording at Rosendale Baroniet (built 1665)

3/6/13:An aristonishing (1665) room in Rosendal Manor to sit and play Torelli, Gottfired Finger, Albinoni, Torelli, Bassani this morning. The walls covered with the original silk/linen…

The Manor house of Rosendal Baroniet was built in 1665. It is an inspiring place, by any standards, a modest winged house built around a beautiful courtyard, abutting 17th geometric rose gardens and under the Rauneskogen-which looms 800m over the estate.This morning I felt that I wanted to spend time in the one room in the first floor of the house that is in ‘pure’ 17th Century state, with the orginal wall coverings (see above), fire place, and a  limewood four poster. The room seemed the perfect place to play the 17th Century violin preludes I love so much; Purcell, Gorton, Banister, Torelli, Bassani. But in addition, I found myself producing my own musical ‘nod’ to the room, and the severe design of the rose beds outside.

17th century rose beds at Rosendal

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Rosendal-piece 1piece 2

(Workshop recording, Rosendal Baroniet, 3-6-13)