Guy Gallo-On Playing the Habeneck Strad

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On Playing the Habeneck Strad

 by Guy Gallo

I was not prepared

I expected terror —

Lineage bearing down —

To cramp my hand.


Yes, I dropped it over and over

For a second, imagined splinters

About my feet. I didn’t clutch.

It wouldn’t let me.


Then it was there, lodged

On collarbone, and so light

As if Berlioz’ ghost had taken

Some fraction of the weight.


How long, I wondered,

Since this tender conglomeration

Of wood and physics

Had suffered so rank a beginner


Surely there was once a child

Or a fat aristocrat

Or an awkward curator. And

Now there was me.


I played, so badly, and still

It thrilled even to my touch,

Inviting, amused, clear-toned

Smilingly unforgiving.


New York

October, 2000

 Copyright 2000 by Guy Gallo. 


Michael Finnissy-Song 13

Concert performance-London 1999

Peter Sheppard Skaerved

Stradivari 1734 (Habeneck)

Poet and dear friend, Guy Gallo

Michael Finnissy listening. London 2009. Photo; Richard Bram