Gloria Coates-Stolen identity

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Gloria Coates-Stolen identity 

An introduction to an unique sound world of string writing-recorded in rehearsal in Munich:

1.Percussion-fingers on the tailpiece(viola) & instrument body(cello)

Morgan Goff and Neil Heyde playing the distinctive percussion effects from Gloria's quartet writing. Munich April 26th 2012

2. Microtonal chords under slow glissando

3. Contrary motion 4 part glissandi over narrow intervals in augmentatino



25th-26th April Carl-Orff Zentrum, Munich

The first day of work on Gloria’s new stage piece-with dear friends from here in Munich and London.

Gloria, Stefan Blum (Percussion), Nic Clapton, April Fredrick, Gary Martin (Singers), and the Kreutzers

Two great colleagues, Stefan Blum, wonder-percussionist with Gloria Coates. 25th April 2012

Wonderful to come together to work On Gloria Coates’s visionary new stage piece for 3 singers, percussion, piano and quartet. This is a completely original sounding piece, and we are all discussing what it means, what it is-even the composer herself. Gloria is very open about how much of it is the product of her dreams, of her reaction to very personal events-visions in illness, for instance, or the quiestion of what is, and who owns, the composer’s voice.

Two composers in thought. Gloria and Mihailo in Munich

A turning point in the drama is the aria Sperriges Morgen, for percussion, cello and soprano-here is April in rhapsodic form, with Neil Heyde and Stefan Blum

Working with Gloria Coates-Mihailo Trandafilovski with Soprano April Fredrick. Carl-Orff Zentrum, Munich. 25th April.

Hard at work on Gloria Coates's 'Stolen Identity' 25th April Carl-Orff Zentrum

Workshop Extract-the wonder of Coates’s language in full flood!

The great thing about a team of great friends like this, is that rehearsal is about the joy of music making. Things can, and should get silly in rehearsal. Here is an example-the injustice of setting string instrument percussion against the real thing-and the resulting outburst

Nic Clapton as 'Marlow' in 'Stolen Identity' Munich 25th April 2012

The view from the composer’s desk. In the picture Nic Clapton, Mihailo Tranfilovski, Gloria Coates, Neil Heyde, Morgan Goff, and (behind stand) April Fredrick