Young Colleagues-Ruta Vitkauskaite

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Ruta Vitkauskaite -Composer

New Work
Turner Recital Hall, Blair School of Music, Vanderbilt University, Nashville/London Exchange Programme

1st March-2012

Played by the composer, Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Michael Slayton, Midori Komachi, Shelby Flowers, Lindsey Reymore, Peter Dayton, Carly Lake, Caroline Hart, Agatha Yim.

Workshop on Ruta's piece. Ingram Hall, Blair School of Music

Ruta Vitkauskaite -Nashville 2012

Statement from the composer

at the moment, I am focusing on the spatial music, which is my PhD theme at the Academy. It includes various aspects – spatial perception of music, music performances in various spaces, spatial movement of the sound, spatial placement of performers, and more philosophicly – music as four dimentional art and spatial transformation of music in time. Here is a link to my Song, which would be my first piece on this topic in 2008: With my two Swedish friends, we created Spatial Opera Company, and now we are working on our first electroacoustic mono opera, so I frequently treaveling to Stockholm EMS studio to work on it (it lasts for two year already!). My other big interests, which I developed a lot before coming to London, where music visualisation and audiovisual performances, including stage performances and operas. I created 4 operas, but the last two of them are out of the limits of genre, and I am still looking for desribtion for it. These are creative collaborative projects, where 5 of us – me, video artists, actress, threatre director, and stage designer would develop ideas for all included elements together. Here are couple of links, Kliudziau – and ID – With the last opera we went to Tbilisi in Georgia few months ago! While being in Lithuania, I was doing lots of experimental audiovisual projects. With my friends we created group Music is Very Important, and we traveled around Lithuania to present contemporary music in small towns, for people who would consider Mozart “too hard”, which was very interesting. Another project, which started to become quite popular in Lithuania, was R&R Electronics, our “post comedy duo”. Here are some links for it –