Elliott Schwartz-‘Graffiti’ Workshop Page

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Elliott Schwartz-‘Graffiti’ Workshop Page


The composer writes: ‘This piece is a thoroughly revised version of an earlier piece (with the same title) orignally composed in 1967. it is dedicated, with great affection, to Peter Sheppard Skaerved and his son Marius.

Provisonal mix-up:

(Marius and Peter Sheppard Skaerved -violins)

Workshop session 1 extract: 30-3-2012 Wapping (peter and Marius)


Composer Elliott Schwartz with Marius Skaerved-Cambridge. December 2010

The composer responds-Friday 30th Pm: ‘Hi — just heard your Graffiti extract, & loved it! E’

On Mar 30, 2012, at 12:57 PM Marius and Peter to the composer: ‘Dear Elliott, What we are doing, at stage one, is to build each box as a duo, and then we will allow it to break apart. Is that OK?’  The composer replies: ‘That sounds like a great idea — it will give you a sense of what the music is like when you’re synchronized. Make a mental note of joint passages you really like./AND then (for stage two) you can explore different pathways, still in synch. That is, both of you keep choosing the same path — but a different path each time. Each choice would give you a different narrative and “form.” /Third stage: you’re each on your own!’

Workshop patch 1st April 2012 ‘Boat -Creak!’

Note from Marius-same day: ‘After today’s workshop I must say, Elliot’s writing continues to astound me.  As seen on the manuscript the piece is not written in a linear fashion.  Instead it is written as if to lead a musician astray, a labyrinth one might say – where the performer can remain for an eternity. ‘

Workshop session 2 extract: 1-4-2012 Wapping:

Provisonal mix-up: