Joachim in London

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Joachim in London [in preparation]

Joachim responds to an invitation to perform at the new

Joachim to Clara Schumann, [HANOVER , January 15, 1857.]- I have been offered an engagement in London ton commence on July 22 for 3 or 4 weeks, by Surrey Gardens Company. A new hall has been built there which holds 7000 people, and I should have to bind myself to play there every evening- the music to be chosen by me ; for this I should receive £60 a week.

To be quite honest I am very much attracted by it; but there is a drawback-Jullien’s orchestra. ON most evenings, certainly, only good music will be played, but on others, there will be Polkas. In spite of the attraction of £240 in one month I cannot make up my mind to do it, and I hope you will say I am right. I have debated with myself as to whether there were not a certain amount of artistic arrogance in my refusal of such a pecuniarily brilliant offer-but my original felling against such an association with an undisguised charlatan and speculator triumphs over all arguments to the contrary. What relation can remain sacred to me in life if I cheapen my art by active association with a mountebank?