Viotti Arrives, Viotti departs

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The young Viotti shortly after his arrival in Paris. Private Collection

Viotti Arrives, Viotti departs

Listen: 1.Jacobin or not? 2.Exiles3.An interregnum’s open space…

Viotti as musical director, his ‘bow of cotton’ firmly grasped in his ‘arm of Hercules’. The bow in this picture is not a modern ‘Tourte-model’ but a long earlier type. Perhaps Viotti preferred to not use the Tourtes, with their ‘fini precieux’ for the more risky business of directing. Berlioz recalled Habeneck’s willingness to break his bow in frustration, so perhaps conductors reserved their finer instruments for concertantes.

Viotti-Ranz des Vaches (Peter Sheppard Violin)