Bach, Beethoven, Mozart Manuscripts-SOUNDBOX

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Bach, Beethoven, Mozart Manuscripts-SOUNDBOX

Peter Sheppard Skaerved discusses issues arising from close examination of composers’s manuscripts. What can they offer to today’s performer!

18th September 2004 Royal Academy of Music Museum

Soundbox on the 18th September 2004

Bach-G minor and A minor Sonatas

Bach Adagio BWV1001

Michel Woldemar

Michel Woldemar

Mozart and publishing

Getting over excited about the score of Mozart's last Quartet. Wilton's Music Hall, February 2010. Photo: Richard Bram


Beethoven -three manuscripts

Haflidi Hallgrimsson (Right) and David Matthews.Edinburgh 2003 (Photo PSS)


Haflidi Hallgrimsson saves paper, rubs out-comparison with BachLINK TO FILM OF ‘FRAU KLEE IS SLEEPING’


Beethoven Op 30 No 3 MS

More on Beethoven MS compariso