David Matthews-Variation on a Theme by Diabelli

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THIS JUST IN! Monday 17th September.A few days ago I received a package and postcard from David Matthews: The postcard, dated 11-October 2011, incluldes the following-“Here is a another trifle which may amuse you. I wrote a 34th Diabelli Variation for piano mnore less in the stye of LvanB some time in the 1970s & recently found the score which I hadn’t seen for years. I thought it might make a string quartet piece-another bit of undiscovered late Beethoven-so here it is!” I met up with the rest of the Kreutzer Quartet to rehearse Beethoven & Mendelssohn today, so we began by reading David’s movemement through. And here it is, a moment of discovery in the rehearsal room.
David Matthews- Variation on a Theme of Diabelli (workshop recording 17-10-11 London Kreutzer Quartet)


The most relaxed traveller among composers! Matthews en route to Italy, 2007. Photo: Richard Bram