David Gorton-Caprices (Live at ONLY CONNECT NPG)

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David Gorton-Caprices (Live at ONLY CONNECT NPG) 

On the 9th September, I played all 7 of David Gorton ‘s  Carprices as part of my exhibition, ONLY CONNECT, at the National Portrait Gallery. Here they are, with introductions concerning Paganini’s visits to London. (Performance in Room 12 of the Gallery-informal recording)


Acclaim for David Gorton. NPG 9 9 11


PSS-Violin (‘Joachim’ Stradivari 1698, Bows by Stephen Bristow)








Caprice No. 1 ‘rosetta’

Caprice No.2

Caprice No. 3

Caprice No. 4

Caprice No. 5 (For Simon Shaw-Miller) 

Caprice No. 6

 Caprice No. 7 ‘only connect’


Simon Shaw-Miller. Art Historian and inspiration of David Gorton's 5th Caprice-Photo-Richard Bram