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Bach ….

It is an awful truism to say that Bach is important to me. Ever since I played the whole cycle in one go at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, I have regularly performed the whole cycle-most enjoyably at Wiltons Music Hall or St Bartholomew the Great. I just don’t like talking about him that much. So this is this. At the end of a recent recording session, Jonathan, my engineer and collaborator on all my favourite recording adventures said: “ All right, I am going to put my foot down. I have been on at you to record Bach-we have finished everything you have planned to do today, and we have this beautiful church-I know you love the sound-let’s see whether this gives you what you are looking for to record Bach. Just play….” And so I did-totally unprepared, I am sorry to say. The sound is wonderful, so here are the four movements, which I just played straight through once-only following orders…

Double from B minor Partita

Sarabande from D minor Partita

Largo from C Major Sonata

Giga from E major Partita 


And here is the Chaconne from the D minor Partita, live at St Bartholomew the Great in 2007. warts and all!