Yigit Kolat-The Rite (Ayin) 2003

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Yigit Kolat-The Rite (Ayin) 2003
Live Performance-Ankara 2003
Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin
Aaron Shorr-Piano

Premiering Kolat's 'Ayin' December 2003. Photo Richard Bram

This performance was an unsuspected on. I had just completed a week of workshops in Ankara, working with Sidika Ozdil, Aaron Shorr, and Nigel Clarke. It had been very intense, with a new ensemble, and with a clutch of enthusiastic composers offering their ideas and music. However, one of them had remained quiet-until the last minute. It was decided that there should be a round-up workshop with the composers, an hour before the formal orchestral concert which finished the week. As we were beginning the concert, the quiet composer, Yigit Kolat, pushed this score into my hand, and asked if it was interesting. Aaron Shorr and I played it straight away, and a stunned hush fell on the room. This was a voice of integrity and vision. We premiered it, a last minute addition, in the concert an hour later. This is that performance.

Yigit Kolat at the Piano. Photo Richard Bram