David Matthews-Sonatina (Unheard)

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David Matthews-Sonatina Op 8 (1974-1978)

Workshop recording: July 2011 (St Paul MN)

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin

Although I have worked with David Matthews for many years, premiered large numbers of solo violin works by him, and recorded all of it (I thought), this work was unknown to me. I ran across it at Travis & Emery in Cecil Court. I was very excited, because it seemed to bear an exciting relationship to later works, most particularly the 5th Quartet. It turns out that the work was never premiered, soill perform it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will gradually post ‘in progress’ recordings, from the rehearsal room.


1. Quasi un Cadenza


David Matthews writes: ‘I’ve found out something rather interesting about the Sonatina. I wrote it when I was living in Oxford for a violinist called Joseph Segal [b1924; d1991]…I new that [he] had been a well-known violinist, but he’d given up playing in concerts then because of ( I think) a back problem. But yesterday I found out a bit more about him in the a biography of Adolf Busch by Tully Potter. In it, there is mention of a Joseph Segal, born in Palestine, who was  a teenage prodigy & in 1939 becaem a pupil of Busch in Switzerland, after he’d been studying with Carl Flesch. I’m sure this must have been him. … He did play the Sonatina through to me, I remember, but never gave a public performance of it.’ (Composer to PSS, December 14th 2010)

Composer David Matthews-over for tea and to discuss the new edition of his '15 Fugues'. 13-12-10