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The wonderul Pistrucci of Samuel Cartwright finds his place. 12th April 2011

April 12th Work continues.

14th April 2011

14th April 2011
Light on the connections Friday Morning 8-4-11
Joachim and HG Wells wait
Michelle Greaves with Eliza Vestris

Juggling Landseer, Leigh Hunt and VestrisPrecision work: Ian Gardner and Glen Taylor install the first laminates

Pistrucci's bust of Samuel Cartwright being positionedGarrick and Jelly d'Aranyi arrive

Less than dignified for a grandee

Conversations whilst linking to Eliot and Leighton

Glenn Taylor draws Tippett ino the web

Co-curator Paul Moorhouse, deep in thought

Plans and early coffee, 745am, Trafalgar Square, 8th April

Ian Gardner, Michelle Greaves, Paul Moorhouse, with the first layout