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The aftermath! Neil Heyde after Bowler 'Theatre of Cruelty'

Southwark Walks    

This was a most inspiring evening. It was dreamt up and put together by Helen Starr, of FuseArts, and Mihailo Trandafilovski, to bring together new and recent works in the context of the idea  of walks around Southwark, where the lovely South London Gallery is situated.     

(Photos by Robert Hollingworth)  

Live recordings by Jonathan Haskell  

Before the concert: Lights, camera, music....

   Great Music from the South London Gallery     

Paul Pellay – Fjord-Flamm Remembered-Flecks (2008)     

Paul Pellay was profoundly influenced by the beauty of the Norwegian fjords, and wrote us these three tiny pieces of awestruck wonder.     

SLG- Fjord,Flamm Remembered SLGSLG- Flecks    

In the days running up to the concert, we enjoyed the most wonderful workshops with the younger composers who had been asked to write new works for the event, Laura Bowler and Elo Masing. They had composed very different works, which fitted beautifully into the weft of ideas running from David Matthews to Mihailo’s new Star Factory.     

Composer Laura Bowler at the SLG



We were also delighted that Jeremy Dale Roberts, Paul Pellay and Jim Aitchison were able to join us for the event. Having 6 composers there for their works made it particularly special.     

New works for the South London Gallery
Laura Bowler – Theatre of Cruelty (World Premiere)
Laura’s new work was inspired by Antonin Artaud, and pushed Neil to his exciting extreme! Effectively, this work is a concertante for set-upon cellist and string trio-climaxing in a dramatic outburst for the soloist. The piece ended, appropriately enought, with a broken viola string and handfuls of shredded cello bow hair.


The Quartet with composers Jim Aitchison, Elo Masing, Laura Bowler and Paul Pellay. After the concert.

Elo Masing – String Quartet No. 3
(more on this work to follow)

   Great Music from the South London Gallery     

Gloria Coates – In the Fifth Dimension (5th Quartet)  Coates SLG  


Mihailo’s new work, Star Factory, was a fantastic envoi to the evening, composed with the uniquely clear acoustics of the SLG in mind.  


Mihailo in action at SLG

 New Works for the South London Gallery  

Mihailo Trandafilovski-Star Factory (World Premiere)    

Star Factory (1)Star Factory (2)Star Factory (3)   

 The inspiration behind the event, Helen Starr spoke movingly before the event. Hoping that we can return for more projects at this very special venue.   

Haflidi Hallgrimsson Frau Klee is Sleeping