John Ogdon-Solo Sonata

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John Ogdon – Sonata (1969):

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-violin

December 9th 1990 Blackheath Concert Halls

Engineer: John Taylor

The Music of John Ogdon

To my surprise and delight, a concert recording which I made in the December of 1990 has appeared, available as part of a 2CD set of Ogden’s music. This is being sold to raise money for the John Ogdon Foundation. See the link below.

The concert took place at Blackheath concert halls. I played Ogdon’s Solo Sonata, Romance for Violin and Cello (with the late Raphael Sommer), and Three Pieces for Violin and Piano (with the American pianist Skye Atman).

I met Ogdon just once, when I was a very green 15 year old violinist playing in the Essex Youth Orchestra. He came to play in a shambolically organised concert at the Thurrock Leisure Centre. Nothing seemed to affect his focus on the keyboard; I sat in the first violins, a few feet from him, transfixed at this encounter with a true musical genius. For the first time, or so it seemed to me, I was meeting a man who was music, totally inhabited by the concerto (Grieg) that he was playing.  After the concert, I went down to his dressing room to stammer out my thanks. And that was it.

So when Brenda Lucas Ogdon invited me to take part in this event in 1990, I was delighted, and the more so when I realised that his compositions are filled with the same total identification that I heard in his playing.