Beethoven Explored-Small Miracles

Posted on February 14th, 2010 by

Alexandre Boucher

In the years exploring Beethoven, some of the most touching discoveries have been from peforming the many canons and fragments that flooded from the composer’s pen from his arrival in Vienna. Here are a few of them:

Canon in A Major WoO35 1825


On the 3rd August 1825, Beethoven met the Dutch artist and Music-lover Otto de Boer in Baden. The artists was a great admirer of Beethoven’s and begged for a souvenir in his album. Beethoven gave him this dedicated thus: Souvenir pour Monsieut S M Boyer [!]  par Louis van Beethoven

Duo and Canon WoO34

In 1822, Beethoven was visited by the virtuoso and poseur, Alexandre Boucher, who begged a piece for his album. I am sure that Boucher was hoping for something a little grander…

PSS and Carolin Ann Widmann-Violins

2-part Canon in G Major 1802

Hess 274

Kreutzer Quartet

C major Bagatelle 1800

Bagatelle Hess 61

Aaron Shorr-Piano

Live performances: London 2002

Engineer: Jonathan Haskell