Paganini, Tartini, Bingham

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A vital thread running through the whole of this year’s Tartini exploration is the violin music of Judith Bingham. Peter has collaborated extensively with Judith Bingham, and this has resulted in a series of works.

Judith is fascinated with the violinistic tradition. In 2006, in conversation with Peter at a SOUNDBOX session she said: 

“For me Paganini is fascinating; he has long arms reaching both into the past and his future, our present. Hestands as part of the long line of northern Italian violinists, Vivaldi, Tartini, Locatelli; at the same time he was incredibly influential on the new music of his day. Virtually everybody made an effort to hear him; the list of people-not just musicians and composers, but people like Goethe, like Mary Shelley, who heard Paganini play, is quite extraordinary. I like to think about comparing him to equivalent figures of more recent times, such as Jimi Hendrix.”

Reflecting upon Judith’s fascination with this Northern Italian violinistic line, I decided that it would be wonderful to include one of Judith’s award winning The Lost Works of Paganini in this series.

Judith Bingham-The Lost Works of Paganini extracts


Capriccio ,We Two ,Cholera Fantasy

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Composer Judith Bingham. Genoa 2007. Photo Richard Bram

Recorded St Bartholomews the great October 2007

Engineer: Jonathan Haskell