January 7, 2010

  SOUNDBOX! 4 -5 times a term I present SOUNDBOX, in the Museum of the Royal Academy of Music, London. These events take place in the inspiring settings of the String or Piano Galleries. surrounded by the living instruments of the Royal Academy’s collections and temporary exhibits. SOUNDBOX is open to the public, and admission […]

Joachim on Ole Bull

January 2, 2010

On Ole Bull Extracts from Joseph Joachim letters To Clara Schumann [HANOVER, December 12, 1860]-It is only partly owing to me that Ole Bull is playing. I wanted to get permission for him to give a con cert in the Theatre and mentioned it to HM; but the king would not hear of anything but […]

Joseph Joachim

January 2, 2010

David Matthews-Fugue 15

January 1, 2010

 David Matthews-Fugue 15 Live Performance PSS: London 2009 Engineer: Colin Still (Optic Nerve) Fugue 15 David Matthews’ cycle of 15 Fugues is nothing short of miraculous, and I am greatly honoured to have played a small part in its birth. Put simply, this is the most extensive cycle of tonalfugal works to be written for […]

Two Beethoven Fragments

December 29, 2009

From the Kafka Miscellany-the wonderful collection of sketches and fragments in the British Library. A Laendler and Canon (Hess 68 and 275), both from 1802. Live performance with Yves Savary , London May 2002

Beethoven Sonatas Op 30

December 29, 2009

 Beethoven  – 3 Sonatas, for Piano and Violin,  Op. 30 (Dedicated to Tsar Alexander 1st)  Beethoven dedicated his three Sonatas for Piano with Violin, Op. 30, to the Tsar Alexander 1st (1777-1825). In 1800, Alexander took the throne after the murder of his father, the Tsar Paul; it was widely assumed that he was behind […]

Beethoven Explored

December 28, 2009

Peter and Aaron have taken ‘Beethoven Explored’ worldwide. What began as a research project supported by the Royal Academy of Music and the London College of Music, has blossomed into an acclaimed series of recordings, a major concert series at St Johns Smith Square and presentation at venues ranging from the Goethe Institute to the […]

Louise Vale-Poetry for Wilton’s

December 11, 2009

  Poet Louise Vale responds to the enchanted spaces of Wilton’s Music Hall.   As   It   Was [Fuse the future with a version of the past. Take up your opera glasses, breathe into former pleasures, remember someone else’s bliss]   Welcome. Over clinking from the bar, voices rise, a chatter of anticipation, footsteps clatter, seats […]

Library of Congress

December 7, 2009

Library of Congress-Washington In November 2006, I was lucky enough to be invited to play a concert with Aaron Shorr, and members of the wonderful Cassatt Quartet, at the Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress. Playing the Schubert Fantasie on that stage, where Bartok and Szigeti recorded their historic recital, and playing Fritz Kreisler’s […]

Work on ‘Il Cannone’

December 6, 2009

October 20th 2014. I have been asked to write a short piece talking about the experience of performing on Paganini’s wonderful violin on Gut strings. To date, I am the only person to have done this, it seems! Here is what I wrote yesterday.    Like many violinists, I feel as if I have known […]