February 5, 2010

With George Rochberg. 2000 ‘Habeneck’ Stradivari 1734 (Collection Royal Academy of Music) Playing the ‘Castelbarco’ Stradivari. Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress. 2009 Photo Richard Bram Introducing the ‘Joachim’ Stradivari (Collection of Royal Academy of Music) & and orginal condition Gagliano Violin (Private Collection) Photo: Richard Bram Instruments: Violin-Antonio Stradivari (from the Collection of the Royal […]

David Gorton -New Release!

February 4, 2010

Metier: MSVCD92104 David Gorton-Trajectories Kreutzer Quartet Roderick Chadwick-Piano   We are delighted to anounce the release of David Gorton’s new disc on METIER. This disc is the result of a groundswell of team work. It takes its title from the the work commissioned through the enlightened approach of Tate St Ives, where it was workshopped […]

Stephen Kovacevich

February 2, 2010

Joseph Horovitz

January 26, 2010

   Joseph Horovitz-‘Dybbuk Melody’ PSS-Violin (Stradivari 1698-Joachim) outtake-2010 (Engineer-Jonathan Haskell -Astounding Sounds)   Tuesday December 7th 2010… an inspiring morning with Horovitz yesterday. We talked about his time as an art student at the Ruskin School, of his conversations with Isaiah Berlin and Ernst Gombrich, study with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, and most excitingly of […]

Workshop on Rochberg Sonata

January 21, 2010


January 21, 2010

‘A Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness’

January 13, 2010

  Paul Pellay’s Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness is one of the most colourful and technically challenging works ever written for the violin. Each of the seven books has a particular character, or set of references. There is a book based on Goya’s Black Paintings, one based, line by line, on an Unagaretti poem. There are more then […]

The Miraculous Violin, Ankara 2003

January 12, 2010

Lake Ohrid

January 9, 2010

Coffee with Aphra Behn

January 9, 2010