Homage to Pousseur

September 24, 2012

Ole Bull-Capriccio (a fragment in New York City)

September 24, 2012

Bull, Ole, 1810-1880-”Capriccio a Violino solo.” At the end: “Berlin d. 17[?] Februar 18[3]9 Ole B. Bull.” Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Workshop Recording. London September 24th 2o12) Ganz, Leopold, 1806-1869. Album of autographs, 1837-1864. (Pierpont Morgan Library New York City/Fulton Deposit) I found this fragment in July 2006 in the astounding album kept by the oboist […]

September 11, 2012


‘An Episode from the Life of Ole Bull’-H.C.Andersen

August 31, 2012

I must go out in the world, to bring my spark to a flame  Hans Christian Andersen’s acquaintance with Ole Bull is an intriguing one. I find it fascinating because the two had so much in common. But perhaps the aspect of both their lives which they shared the most, is that, which posthumously has […]

The secret of collaging….Elliott Schwartz at Work

August 30, 2012

The secret of collaging….Elliott Schwartz at Work Elliott once told me that one of his images for the musical imagination was ‘driving down the freeway, fiddling with the car radio, skipping from channel to channel, music to music, voice to voice’. A snapshot of this at work. I am editing together his wonderful ‘Water Music’ […]

Ole Bull – ‘Fanitulla’, plus Halling & Springdans Plus-Niagara Fantasia

August 18, 2012

Ole Bull-Halling til Studenternes Selskab den 10de December 1848Workshop recording, London 31st August 2012 Peter Sheppard Skaerved Ole Bull-Fanitulla (His transcription today housed in the Univeristetsbibliothek, Oslo) Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Workshop Recording, London August 29th 2012) From the 28th to 30th March 1849, there was a series of tableaux at  Christiana (Oslo) Theatre. One of […]

Elliott Schwartz & Michael Alec Rose-a virtual meeting!

August 16, 2012

                                      Elliott Schwartz-2nd Quartet ‘For Louise and Aaron’ European Premiere. 13th July 2012 St Johns Church, Waterloo (Waterloo Festival) Kreutzer Quartet (Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde)Recording Courtesy Colin Still (Optic Nerve) Michael Alec […]

Judith Bingham & Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ at Wilton’s

August 15, 2012

Judith Bingham & Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ at Wilton’s – SoundBox    More on the ‘Red Book’ LINK 14th August 2012 Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin/Speaker Judith Bingham- Composer  

Mendelssohn live at Wilton’s

August 11, 2012

Mendelssohn-Octet (live at Wilton Music Hall 2012) Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Miahilo Trandafilovski, Midori Komachi, Aisha Orazbayeva, Morgan Goff, Diana Mathews, Val Wellbanks, Jess Hayes Recording courtesy of Colin Still (Optic Nerve) Aisha, Morgan, Diana, Valerie, Jessica (Mendelssohn Octet) Most musicians discover the Mendelssohn Octet when we are, or rather, were, around about the same age that […]

William Corbett-Prelude

July 31, 2012

From 1713 William Corbett was a member of the King’s band (although Anne Queen till 1714).In 1724 William Corbett bought Lunati (il Gobbo)’s violin. Charles Burney: ‘The favourite instrument which Corelli had played was brought hither soon after his death Corbett, and being for many years in the possession of a gentleman of Newcastles, at […]