John McCabe-Caravan (1988)

February 20, 2014

John McCabe-Caravan (1988) Kreutzer Quartet (Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde) First chance to hear some of the John Mcabe which we played this weekend. Here’s his (very cool) ‘Caravan’ (1988). At the RNCM, with Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde, Mihailo Trandafilovski.  John McCabe-The Woman on the Shore  Kreutzer Quartet and Aaron Shorr […]

Alan Rawsthorne-Theme and Variations

February 18, 2014

Alan Rawsthorne-Theme and Variations 1936 Peter Sheppard Skaerved and Christine Sohn-Violins a first year student at the Royal Academy of Music, the wonderful Manoug Parikian handed me a copy of this piece, Alan Rawshorne’s ‘Theme and Variations’ for two violins. ‘This is possibly the best piece ever written for two violins’, he said, handing it […]


February 15, 2014


Naji Hakim-Solo Sonata

February 15, 2014

Naji Hakim-Solo Sonata Precipitato andante-quasi-recitativo allegro con spirito I met Naji Hakim when still an undergraduate student. I was playing a concert of Franck and Tournemire at an organ festival in Huddersfield, and he astounded me with the power and emotional impact of this playing and writing. However, we did not have the chance to […]

Soundbox 11 2 14

February 10, 2014

  http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2012/07/war-and-peace/  http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2012/10/western-heights-dover-october-2012/ http://www.dadonline.eu/node/524 (Salon evening) http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2013/10/transit-pulp-rags-dover-arts-development-war-peace-grand-finale/ Re Veil Le Link http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2014/02/keep-going-dover-arts-developments-second-music-poetry-and-visual-art-salon/    

Keep Going-Dover Arts development’s second music, poetry and visual art Salon

February 5, 2014

Link to Film: KEEP GOING FILM  Reporting back- 3rd March 2014 Yesterday we were delighted to present a second salon for Dover Arts Development, in the Studio Spaces on Astley Avenue. Here are pictures, words and music from the evening. (In preparation) My mother doesn’t like orchids She loves yellow tulips – my grandmother did […]

Goldsmiths College – A new residency

February 2, 2014

Goldsmiths College – A new residency The Department of Music is excited to announce the Kreutzer Quartet as the new Ensemble in Residence, and they will be performing their first concert this term on Thursday 6 February. Location: Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall Building Cost: free Time: 6 February 2014, 19:30 – 21:00 Igor Stravinsky-Three […]

Robin Holloway-Works for Violin

January 28, 2014

Robin Holloway-Works for Violin Sonatina-Violin Peter Sheppard Skaerved (Amati 1629) Deptford Town Hall (Presented by Goldsmiths College) 29 1 15 Recording Courtesy of Colin Still-Optic Nerve World Premiere I have been fascinated by Robin Holloway’s ‘Sonata’ for solo violin, written from Ernst Kovacic, for years. Recently, I started talking with this wonderful composer about his […]

Grieg – Finnissy Piano Quintets (Robert Anderson Review-Music and Vision Daily) 25 1 14

January 26, 2014

 Fascinating Work Grieg and Finnissy for piano quintet – heard by ROBERT ANDERSON ‘… the whole disc is an unexpected serendipity.’   Grieg – Finnissy Piano Quintets. Roderick Chadwick, piano; Kreutzer Quartet. © 2013 Divine Art Ltd Familiar as I am with Grieg’s very expansive string quartet, I can only regret he did not persevere […]

Elgar-towards a British Violin school? (currently updating)

January 25, 2014

  In 1878, the Worcester Amateur Orchestral Society presented this beautiful, engraved, Tubbs bow to the young Edward Elgar. By itself, it is a supreme example of 19th Century British Violin Making at its zenith. In the context of what it led to, it is a powerful object. I have been fortunate to spend a […]