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Paul Pellay-Evolving to

December 15, 2009

I met the composer Paul Pellay when we were both students at the Royal Academy of Music. At that time, although I was involved in performances of some of his music, we did not develop a collaboration. That had to wait for some years. Evolving to….(1006)Track05 PSS-Violin Recording Engineer: Jonathan Haskell (Astounding Sounds) This was […]

Louise Vale-Poetry for Wilton’s

December 11, 2009

  Poet Louise Vale responds to the enchanted spaces of Wilton’s Music Hall.   As   It   Was [Fuse the future with a version of the past. Take up your opera glasses, breathe into former pleasures, remember someone else’s bliss]   Welcome. Over clinking from the bar, voices rise, a chatter of anticipation, footsteps clatter, seats […]

Schubert and the violin

December 8, 2009

  Discussion continues within the Quartet as to where Schubert’s crazy late violin writing comes from. Imagine him handing the last movement of the G major Quartet to his violinist brother Ferdinand. One supposes that the initial reaction would have been: “What the hell is this?”! However, if we go back ten years, and look […]

Work on ‘Il Cannone’

December 6, 2009

October 20th 2014. I have been asked to write a short piece talking about the experience of performing on Paganini’s wonderful violin on Gut strings. To date, I am the only person to have done this, it seems! Here is what I wrote yesterday.    Like many violinists, I feel as if I have known […]

George Rochberg

December 5, 2009

George Rochberg -Caprice Variations Conversations and Commentaries listen: Rochberg-Pachelbel Variations (Authorised Transcription by Peter Sheppard Skaerved) I Solisti di Zagreb (directed by PSS) (From conversations in Philadelphia, London, and Saarbrücken 2001-2002) In Banja Luka, I first ‘got’ ‘Caprice Variations’, or rather; it finally really took hold of me, of my soul. This recital hall is […]

Judith Bingham

December 3, 2009

The Premiere of Judith Bingham’s ‘Lost Works of Paganini’ in Genova. 2007 Peter has collaborated extensively on Judith Bingham since 2006. In that year, the composer was profoundly inspired by the arrival of Paganini’s violin in London, and became a fundamental part of the work and research that Peter was doing around this figure. Judith […]

Jörg Widmann ‘Etude 1- The breathing of Statues’ and ‘Etude 2’

December 3, 2009

Meeting Jörg Widmann 1990 Widmann-Etude Live Recording. London January 2009 Engineer-Colin Still (Optic Nerve) March 2003 In March 2003 Peter Sheppard Skaerved recorded works written for him by Widmann,in a recording session that was never released. At the time, these were all first recordings. Here are some unedited outtakes.  Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Stradivari 1699 ‘Crespi’) Engineer-David Lefeber […]

Michael Finnissy-Song 13a

December 2, 2009

  Peter and the Kreutzers have worked extensively with Michael Finnissy over the past decade.Finnissy has written a number of works for the Kreutzers. In the past few years, there have been four major works: 2nd Quartet, 3rd Quartet, Quintetssatz. As soloist, Peter regularly plays Finnissy’s epocal Enek for solo violin, and together with Aaron Shorr, premiered his […]

Jeremy Dale Roberts-Croquis

December 2, 2009

  Jeremy Dale Roberts-Croquis & Tristia New Release! Kreutzer Quartet, Aaron Shorr – Jeremy Dale Roberts: Croquis (NMC D151) Kreutzer Quartet, Aaron Shorr – Jeremy Dale Roberts: Croquis (NMC D151) Peter and his colleagues in the Kreutzer quartet have worked with Dale Roberts since 2004. Their collaboration was initiated through a shared fascination with the […]

David Matthews-Solo Works-an Introduction

December 1, 2009

David Matthews’ extraordinary cycle of 4, 3 and 2 part Fugues, began life in 1999, in response to Peter Sheppard Skærved’s performance of Bach and Telemann contrapuntal works. The initial E minor 4 part fugue was so successful that it precipitated the composition of the first large scale fugal cycle for solo violin. In order […]