Februar 2010 at Wiltons. Photos by Richard Bram

April 2, 2010

César Cui – ‘Kaleidoscope’

March 27, 2010

César Cui (1835-1918) Kaleidoscope 24 Pieces for Violin and Piano Op 50 Aaron Shorr-Piano PSS-Violin (Stradivari ‘Maurin’ 1714 from the collection of the Royal Academy of Music) 1. Moment Intime 2. Dans la brume 3. Musette 4.Simple chanson 5. Berceuse (“Dors, petit gas”) 6. Noturrino7. Intermezzo 8. Cantabile 9. Orientale 10. Questions et réponses 11. […]

Memory Field. Gormley and Aitchison: Kings Place

March 25, 2010

Memory Field. Gormley and Aitchison: Kings Place On the 19th April, the Kreutzer Quartet and soprano Nicholas Clapton will be bringing Jim Aitchison’s moving memory field to Kings Place. This work for voice and quartet was premiered at an extraordinary concert in Anthony Gormley’s studio in 2008. This event will bring the element of that […]

Wilton’s Spring Concerts

March 24, 2010

Richard Beaudoin

March 20, 2010

  We have just spent a fascinating and moving week working with the young American composer, Richard Beaudoin. Richard has written a whole series of Quartets which are rooted in one performance of a Chopin Prelude. But it is not necessary to know this to enjoy the beauty of his writing.  Here is the third of […]

Schumann Op 41 No 3 LIVE at Wilton’s

March 20, 2010

Robert Schumann  A Major String Quartet Op 41 No 3 (Summer 1842) Kreutzer Quartet (PSS, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, Neil Heyde) Monday March 18th Wilton’s Music Hall Recording courtesy of: Colin Still (Optic Nerve ) www.opticnerve.co.uk Op 41 3 Finale Joseph Joachim To Clara Schumann , [HANOVER, middle of December 1858]- Sometimes, on very rare […]

Broadway, Nashville. March 2010

March 14, 2010

Rafet Rudi- Fantasia in Si

March 2, 2010

Rafet RUDI Fantasia in Si PSS-Violin (WE Hill 1900) Aaron Shorr-Piano Performance at Festival RE MUSICA 2006 Pristina (Kosova) 04 R.RUDI Fantasia in Si PETER SHEPPARD Recording courtesy of Festival RE MUSICA 2006

Nashville-London Exchange

February 28, 2010

Left to right: David Gorton, Zubin Kanga, Madeline Myers, Michael Slayton, Kelsey Hudson, Ceci Fleming, Chris Lowry, Michael Alec Rose, Laurie Bamon, Alice Barron, PSS. Nashville 13th March The workshop wide open. Turner Hall, Blair School of Music, 8-3-2010 Photo: Madeline Myers Nashville-London Exchange           2010 participants:    Michael Alec Rose, Kelsey Hudson, Sarah van […]

Roger Steptoe-Quartet 3

February 27, 2010

Roger Steptoe-Quartet 3 Kreutzer Quartet Jack Lyons Hall, York 2008 extract: steptoe 3