Unknown Tartini

November 29, 2010

On November 24th, I played my reconstruction of Tartini’s unpublished 28th Piccola Sonata, as part of my last concert exploring all 30 sonatas. Here it is. 03 Track 3Tartin-Piccola Sonata No. 27 Giuseppe Tartini-A minor Sonata No28 PSS-Violin (Stradivari ‘Joachim’ 1698) Recording courtesy of Colin Still (optic nerve)

Violin alone:

November 27, 2010

Vitali-Diverse Sonate e Partite Nicholas Mori-Prelude Paganini-A major Prelude Paganini-Adieu a Londres Edward Eliason-Farewell to my friend Paganini Charles De Beriot-Prelude Ole Bull-Capriccio Francois Cramer Cammillo Sivori-A Capriccio John Loder-Caprice Bach-Largo (C Major Solo Sonata) Concert performance St Barthololomew the Great 2007 Tartini-7th Sonata Piccola (A minor) Andante Cantabile Westhoff-D major Sarabande Biber-Ciaconne (Extract) Andre […]

Michael Haydn

November 25, 2010

  Johann Michael Haydn I have long been fascinated with the music of Johann Michael Haydn, a great innovator and influence on the teenage Mozart. Here are some extracts from a CD that I made of his work some years ago. (Meridian CDE84243) PSS – Violin / Director Parnassus Ensemble of London Michael Haydn 1st […]

Tartini, Dallapiccola, Rochberg

November 23, 2010

Composer of the Day  As my fascination with this set of pieces grew, with a concomitant question of how best to present the sequence, there were moments of doubt. The great Tartini scholar, Paul Brainard, last published material on these pieces in 1961. He responded with barely concealed scorn to Giovanni Guglielmo’s Edition 1970 edition for […]

David Gorton Films and process pictures

November 13, 2010

  Zubin Kanga, E-Bow, Steinway Piano. David Gorton ‘Fosdyke Wash’ 12-11-2010    Rosetta Caprice (PSS-Violin) David Gorton with Mihailo Trandafilovski, Morgan Goff, and Neil Heyde. RAM. November 12th 2010    “I realised that musical languages that are disparate in terms of their syntax and context (harmonic and otherwise), may assume a common resonance and meaning […]


November 7, 2010

Tartini-Piccole Sonate

October 7, 2010

Tartini’s  masterpiece TO HEAR OUTTAKES FROM THE COMPLETE CYCLE-studio sessions 2011. Go to: 30 DAYS OF TARTINI  In the last years his life, the great composer, violinist and swordsman, Giuseppe Tartini (1692–1770), seems to have laboured at a set of ca. 30 sonatas for solo violin. The resulting manuscript is the most significant cycle of works for violin alone […]

The Malmö Project

September 17, 2010

Following on from the highly successful Kreutzer Quartet visit to Malmö last year, a new project has started. Over the next year PSS will be working with composers and performers at the Malmö Music High School (Part of the Lund University), building towards a Kreutzer Quartet residency at next year’s CONNECT Festival. As the project […]

Films: Bartok-Sonata No 2

September 15, 2010

Bartok’s 2nd Sonata-dedicated to Jelly D’Aranyi.  (Ist Movt) PSS, with Aaron Shorr-Piano  (Festival Re-Musica Pristina 2006)

Journal Autumn 2010

September 7, 2010

After John White Abbott (Ballpoint)   Concert in the olive grove 4-9-10   Palms, from the Shoe Factory, 2nd September 2010 Last morning on the Green Line, September 5th 2010