Paul Pellay-Book 1

December 16, 2010

Riding the Comet’s Tail Rag-Caprice Triple-A (Anti-Ashcroft Aspersions) Past Silence’s Dusk-Death Valley 1979   Running on Eggshells The Warmonger’s Hoe-Down (Diatribe against W)

Building the list

December 11, 2010

Mihajlo Abramovski-Concerto Jim Aitchison-Shibboleth Jim Aitchison-Fugue Reflections Jim Aitchison-String Quartet Jim Aitchison-Memory Field Jim Aitchison-Rothko Sextet Jim Aitchison-Violin/Cello Duo Lars Bagger-Julen Velsignet Lars Bagger-Anton is Sleeping Lars Bagger-Chorale Lars Bagger-Unfinished Simon Bainbridge-Clarinet Quintet Laurie Bamon-The Wind Judith Bingham-The Lost Works of Paganini Nigel Clarke-Pernambuco Nigel Clarke-The Miraculous Violin Nigel Clarke-Black Fire Nigel Clarke-Loulan Nigel Clarke-Parnassus […]

Endless Darwins

December 11, 2010

Artist and composer of the day. Dorothy Schwartz and Elliott Schwartz We may infer from all this that a nearly similar taste for beautiful colours and for musical sounds runs through a large part of the animal kingdom….How the sense of beauty in its simplest form-that is, the reception of a peculiar kind of pleasure […]


December 11, 2010

Charles-Philippe Lafont-Variations on ‘La Vestale’

December 11, 2010

Charles-Philippe  Lafont-Variations on ‘La Vestale’ (Spontini) PSS-del Gesu (Il Cannone-strung with Gut strings and Paganini’s bridge design) London February 2006 Fétis described Charles-Philippe Lafont’s (1781-1839) qualities: “Lafont, too, one of the bright glories of the French School of violinists, was, at first, the pupil of Kreutzer.  Dissatisfied with the style of his master, which did not […]


December 9, 2010

Recording Finnissy and Matthews

December 2, 2010

Recording, Finnissy and Matthews. New Arrival from LeFanu   November 29th was a day of new music and snow. I spent the day with my friends in the Kreutzer Quartet, engineer Jonathan Haskell, and Michael Finnissy, recording in John the Baptist Church, Aldbury. At the beginning of the morning, the church boiler died, so we worked in […]

Tartini 26

November 30, 2010

Unknown Tartini

November 29, 2010

On November 24th, I played my reconstruction of Tartini’s unpublished 28th Piccola Sonata, as part of my last concert exploring all 30 sonatas. Here it is. 03 Track 3Tartin-Piccola Sonata No. 27 Giuseppe Tartini-A minor Sonata No28 PSS-Violin (Stradivari ‘Joachim’ 1698) Recording courtesy of Colin Still (optic nerve)

Violin alone:

November 27, 2010

Vitali-Diverse Sonate e Partite Nicholas Mori-Prelude Paganini-A major Prelude Paganini-Adieu a Londres Edward Eliason-Farewell to my friend Paganini Charles De Beriot-Prelude Ole Bull-Capriccio Francois Cramer Cammillo Sivori-A Capriccio John Loder-Caprice Bach-Largo (C Major Solo Sonata) Concert performance St Barthololomew the Great 2007 Tartini-7th Sonata Piccola (A minor) Andante Cantabile Westhoff-D major Sarabande Biber-Ciaconne (Extract) Andre […]