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Joel Järventausta – ‘Soi’ for solo violin

October 25, 2017

Joel Järventausta – ‘Soi’ for solo violin  Outtakes of recording 24 10 17 St Michael’s Highgate Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Girolamo Amati 1629(

Preludes & Vollenteries -works played

October 22, 2017

Overview of works in my Preludes Vollenteries Series. 2017 For Violin alone unless marked otherwise: Early Works Nicola Matteis (fl. 1670 – after 1713) –  Preludes (G Major, C minor, D minor) Giuseppe Torelli (1658 – 1709) – Preludes (E minor, C minor) Biagio Marini (1594  – 1663) – Capriccio per sonare Il violin a […]

Composer at my table. Working with Paul Pellay, 11 10 17 Wapping

October 11, 2017

Composer at my table. Working on Paul Pellay’s Clarinet quintet (the edit map), with coffee and conversation. Wonderful performance from my friends, Linda Merrick, Mihailo Trandafilovski, Clifton Harrison, Neil Heyde. Listen here; http://wp.me/pH1iH-60e

Preludes & Volletenries: morning exploration at St Brides Fleet Street 5 10 17

October 5, 2017

Peter Sheppard- Violins (Stradivari 1685, Anonymous marked ‘1664’-the ‘Charles II’) Hotteterre-Air de M.de Bousset Preludes by Henry Purcell, Henry Eccles, Josepho Torelli, Niccola Matteis, NIcola Francesco Haym, Johann Christoph Pepusch, John Banister  

Just a beginning: exploring Craft Central on Eastferry Road

October 3, 2017

On Tuesday 3rd September, I made my first visit to Craft Central, at the Forge building on the East Ferry Road. This is going to become the centre for a new series of events bring together music and craft.

October 2017

October 3, 2017

Preludes & Vollenteries 2 – St Margaret Lothbury 29th September 2017

October 2, 2017

  ‘Preludes & Vollenteries’ II 29h September 2017 6 pm Peter Sheppard Skærved  – Violins (Antonio Stradivari 1685, Girolamo Amati 1628, Giovanni Paolo Maggini 16??) St Margaret Lothbury (Sir Christopher Wren 1686-1690/Robert Hooke {Tower} completed 1700) The second of concert-salon of the series proved every bit as revelatory as the first for me. It is […]

Roger Redgate – Caprices

September 30, 2017

A new project is up and running. The beginning of a set of exciting new caprices from my dear friend and collaborator Roger Redgate. Fantastic to have this on the desk today with works by Gabrieli and de Machy. Roger Redgate is one of the most exciting and challenging composers working today, makes wonderful demands […]

Preludes & Vollenteries 1 – St Stephen Walbrook 14th September 2017

September 14, 2017

LINK TO Preludes & Vollenteries 2 Peter Sheppard Skærved  – Violins (Girolamo Amati 1628, Maggini? 16??) St Stephen Walbrook (Sir Christopher Wren 1672-80) An inspiring start to this exploration of 17th Century music, architecture and instruments. There’s so much to discover, but what strikes me most of all, the morning after the event, is the shaping […]

September 2017 (london)

September 14, 2017