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Recordings and Films (to order)

August 13, 2013

Recording is a central part of my work, and for the past few years, I have produced the majority of my own work, working for a range of labels including Toccata Classics, Metier (Divine Art), Naxos, and Guild. There are lots of exciting discs on the way. At the moment, the following are in prepation […]

Macedonia Now at Wilton’s Music Hall

March 11, 2013

Macedonia Now at Wilton’s Music Hall-10th March 2013     This is the pre-concert talk which I gave before the concert: In 2005, I visited Skopje for the first time. In the 4 years previously, I had spent a considerable amount of time in the Balkans, ever more fascinated by the creative energy and contemporary […]

Ansgar Beste & Peter Sheppard Skaerved Workshop/seminar

March 26, 2012

Ansgar Beste & Peter Sheppard Skaerved Workshop Norwegian Music Academy – Oslo 26th March 2012 Extract 1-pizzicato (on Bartok, Biber, Ligeti, Stockhausen, Elgar, Glasounov. NB-note contribution from cellist Tanja Orning:Extract 2-battuto (on Finnissy, Lachenmann, guitarists, Crumb, chopsticks, thermometers, and knitting needles…): Link to another Workshop series. Nashville London Feb/Mar 2012

Nashville 2012

February 9, 2012

Beginning on the 26th February 2012 through March 9th, musicians from the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University and the Royal Academy of Music met in workshops in Nashville and London, exploring collaboration. This is the page for that project as it  continues to develop. LINKto the 2010 project. Final Workshop Performance 9th March-Concert Room […]

Pietro Antonio Locatelli – Il laberinto armonico

July 6, 2011

Pietro Antonio Locatelli (3 September 1695 – 30 March 1764)-Il laberinto armonico Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Live performance, Cyprus 2009) Live performance. Baltimore Old Episcopalian Church 4th April 2012   The full title of this work ‘il laberinto armonicao, facilius ingressus, difficilius exius’, bespeaks something way beyond mere musical process. I have been intrigued by it […]

Macedonia 2011

April 4, 2011

  Two Days in Skopje (posted Monday March 28th) I am just about to leave Macedonia after two inspiring days at the Days of Macedonian Music (DMM) with the Kreutzers. We played three concerts (23 works) in two days, all of them surrounded by the treasures of the Archaeological Museum. It was a great chance for […]

Malmö 11-11-09

January 8, 2010

  Malmö-11-11-09 Concert Day (Bartok.Ligeti.Francesconi)

Work on ‘Il Cannone’

December 6, 2009

October 20th 2014. I have been asked to write a short piece talking about the experience of performing on Paganini’s wonderful violin on Gut strings. To date, I am the only person to have done this, it seems! Here is what I wrote yesterday.    Like many violinists, I feel as if I have known […]

Interview with University of York Music Press 2008

November 30, 2009

Interview on Collaboration University or York Music Press 2008   The Kreutzer Quartet have commissioned countless (how many?) new works over the years they have been together – what is the motive for commissioning new works when the string quartet repertoire is already so rich?   I think that it is worth beginning by saying […]


November 6, 2009

Kreutzer Quartet at the Connect Festival, Malmo, Sweden. Pictures by Leif Johansson