David Matthews-15 Preludes

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David Matthews-15 Preludes

Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin (Girolamo Amati 1629)

Session outtakes-unedited 2 6 15 . St John the Baptist, Aldbury

Engineer-Jonathan Haskell

Musical Supervision-David Matthews

Sonata (1975-revised 2015) 

Quasi Cadenza -Prestissimo 

Lento, flessibile

Allegro non troppo


Prelude 1 (for Pavel Novak)LINK TO NOVAK CAPRICCI

Prelude 2 (For Michael Bartram)

Prelude 3 (for Caroline on her 60th Birthday)-

Prelude 4 (for Amos)

Prelude 5 ‘Monte Maggio – Ranz des Vaches’

Prelude 6 ‘A little Pastoral’ (For Antony Hopkins)

Preulde 7 (For Matthew Taylor)

Prelude 8 ‘After Adrienee’ (for Jan Stasny)

Prelude 9 (For Judith Bingham)

Prelude 10 (For Robin Holloway)

Prelude 11(for Sally Cavender)

Prelude 12 (for Sara Trickey)

Prelude 13 (for Robin Leanse)

Prelude 14 ‘The Tui’s Song’ (for Ron Biss)

Prelude 15 (for Jenifer Wakelyn)