The National Anthem arr. David Matthews

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The National Anthem arr. David Matthews

‘Cymbeline’s Castle’ 10th September 2012
…Mulmutius made our laws,/Who as the first of Britain which did put/HIs brows within a golden crown, call’d/
Himself a king (Shakespeare)

Walking in the Chilterns today, clambering up ‘Cymbeline’s Castle’, and then coming home to Red Arrows & way too many helicopters, I determined to do my one Olympic thing this year, which is to post David Matthews’s version of The National Anthem (which of course, is not a National Anthem-but that’s another story). David made this version, with an eye to Stravinsky’s version of La Marseillaise, in 2007. I premiered it at a crazy event that Nigel Clarke, Mihailo Trandafilovski and I did for the Queen’s birthday in Skopje-with the Macedonian Army Band, the Skopje Mandolin Orchestra, lots of wonderful young string players, fireworks (yes), trumpeters from the Territorial Army, Fish and Chips,  Terry Riley’s ‘In C’…it was a slightly nutty evening. So here is David’s ‘God save the Queen…’

arr. David Matthews-The National Anthem Workshop recording 10th September 2012. Peter Sheppard Skaerved-Violin