Lars Bagger-‘Propior Deo’

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New work from Lars Bagger


I have said before that I believe that the Danish composer, Lars Bagger, is a voice of tremendous courage for our times.

‘Speak through the earthquake, wind and fire,/Oh still small voice of calm.”

He has just contacted me, with typical restraint: “Have been writing some new pieces for violin lately.”  Was his only comment attached to the first, very short piece.

5/5-2012 (Untitled)

Then , today: 

“Dear Peter/Just couldn’t help being affected by the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic./Spent the whole weekend watching documentaries about the incident, and was very moved by the thought of all these people in an extreme situation in the middle of the Atlantic at night. In just a few hours something as simple as water completely wrecked a ship that took humans years to build…/This piece reuses an old idea of mine. “

 This note attached to:

propior deo


I found myself recovering from a short illness, and these works are just the solace, the Dankgesang  I needed to put the violin back in my hands. This is music of terrifying fragility. The player desparately tries to sing a simple song whilst the bow fails in his hands, the rose withers and curls, and time, and frailty over takes him, but the song remains, perhaps better had he not played it…perhaps next time….




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