Haflidi Hallgrimsson-7 Epigrams

Posted on July 4th, 2011 by

Neil Heyde at work at Tate St Ives. Photo: Richard Bram

1. A languorous window stands white (Homage to Pasternak) Seven Epigrams 1

2. Behind me stands an empty cage (Homage to O. Mandelstam) Seven Epigrams 2

3.The Captive Spirit (Homage to Tsvetayeva) Seven Epigrams 3

4. Responsorium (Homage to N. Mandelstam) Seven Epigrams 4

5. Night Train (Homage to Shostakovich) Seven Epigrams 5

6. Mystical Navigation (Homage to Akhmatova) Epigrams 6

7. Flight (The Distant Shadow) Seven Epigrams 7