Endless Darwins

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Artist and composer of the day. Dorothy Schwartz and Elliott Schwartz

We may infer from all this that a nearly similar taste for beautiful colours and for musical sounds runs through a large part of the animal kingdom….How the sense of beauty in its simplest form-that is, the reception of a peculiar kind of pleasure from certain colours forms and sounds-was first developed in the mind of man and of the lower animals, is a very obsure subject. The same sort of difficulty is present, if we enquire how it is that certain flavours and odours give pleasure, and others displeasure. Habit in all these cases appears to have come to a certain extent into play; but there must be some fundamental cause in the constitution of the nervous system in each species [Charles Darwin-Utilitarian Doctrine ‘The Origin of Species’]

Dorothy Schwartz-Endless Darwins VIII

Over the past few years, I have watched the growth of artist Deedee Schwartz’s large scale work on Darwin with excitement. This series of paintings, drawings and etchings explores myriad aspects of his work, from his notebooks through to his ‘sandwalk’. Here are two pictures from the set-‘Endless Darwins’ and an improvisation which I and composer Elliott Schwartz presented at the opening of the exhibit at Robinson College, Cambridge on the 29th November 2010. 

Dorothy Schwartz-Endless Darwins IV

PSS-violin, Elliott Schwartz-electronics. Handheld recording! 29-12-2010


Composer Elliott Schwartz with Marius Skaerved-Cambridge. December 2010