Spotify playlist!

In preparation for tomorrow’s talk at Peabody I have spent an idle thirty minutes assembling an ancient/modern Spotify playlist (about 700 tracks) of recordings I’ve done, from Telemann to Rawsthorne, from Finnissy to Beethoven, from violin alone, to concertos, to quartets, duos, trios. Here’s the link, if you want..


Recording Schubert Sonatas. December 2015


A moment with Torelli in New York City (and Svalbard)

The first capital from the 1688 edition of Torelli’s Op 4 Concertini, dedicated to the Duke of Modona

Torelli much on my mind, still, and will play him at the Metropolitan Museum tonight. I found my alter ego leaning on one of the ornamented capitals (P for preludio) in this 1688 edition which he dedicated to the Duke of Modona.