Premiere – Midwinter Song

A morning of collaboration and conversation. Working with David Matthews on his new Fantasia, dedicated to novelist R.M.Lamming, who was a very important part of the workshop. Wapping, 13th March 2019

First listen. David Matthews’ exquisite new ‘Midwinter Song’, dedicated to the novelist RM Lammy, which I premiered on Saturday at Connect 2019, in Malmö. More from this concert to follow!!! Listen here http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2019/03/david-matthews-midwinter-song-world-premiere/


Tartini on my mind.

Tartini-D minor Variations from 30 Sonate Piccole

After a while a page like this is second nature. Here’s a favourite page from the 30 Piccole Sonate – and the link to the 4th volume of solo sonatas. Then buy the album….https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7Bjhk18lJr34vOYkoYvGQy

New David Matthews score!

up! The score for David Matthews’ ‘Midwinter Song’ which I premiere in Sweden next week. David has written me more than 40 works for solo violin, each of them a wonder, from the 15 Fugues, through to his rhapsodi fantasy. Here’s the link to my second volume of the solo works. THEN GO AND BUY THE ALBUM (There will be a third!)

Edward Cowie-‘Particle Partita’ NEW FILM

A good morning’s work. Editing Edward Cowie’s spectacular duo ‘Particle Partita’ (which I filmed with Mihailo Trandafilovski a month ago). Thanks to Colin Still and Jack Churchill for the great work. Enjoy, this is one of our favourite pieces. 

A New Score from Hafliði Hallgrímsson 19 2 19

I got home to find a typically immaculate parcel from Hafliði Hallgrímsson. The new score for the two books of Klee sketches, which he has been writing for me for a decade and a half. There’s no composer who has inspired and challenged me more or for longer. Come and hear them https://www.facebook.com/events/246043719640486/


Playing two Strads at the Metropolitan Museum. 

New work from Hafliði Hallgrímsson

One of the great joys.The composer’s handwriting – and one of the most exquisite of them all, Hafliði Hallgrímsson. It’s been my good fortune to work with this extraordinary artist for many years. Yesterday, the latest in his long-running series of solo violin works for me inspired by Paul Klee arrived, and I was able to spend time with it at the desk. Listen here to earlier workLINK


The only Stradivari in early set-up. Playing the 1693 ‘Gould’ at the Met!

This is just a glimpse of the film which the Metropolitan Museum did of my event there last month. The sound is very raw and will be sorted out this week. But the the nones, here is the ‘Gould ‘ In 1975, the luthier Frederick J. Lindeman of Amsterdam put the instrument into early configuration (bass bar, neck, inlaid fingerboard and tailpiece, based on the Tuscan-Medici Tenor in Florence. I love it. Here’s a little de Machy from 1685. This is for my friend, the marvellous violinist, Thomas Gould,  because he asked about his violin/namesake!

Peter Dickinson-a memorial Tranquillo for Ralph Holmes

The opening of Peter Dickinson’s ‘Tranquillo’

So proud to be a little part of this. I owe Ralph Holmes so much, and am so grateful to Peter Dickinson for this exquisite piece, which Roderick Chadwick and I will record next week. Here are his works for vioiln alone. http://www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com/2017/07/recording-peter-dickinson/


Out now (in Italian only!) Paganini’s ‘Red Book’ – A Personal View

The cover of ‘Paganini Rockstar’. BTW, it should be clear why ‘Il Cannone’ on the cover is reversed

(English version of my chapter published by Silvana Editoriale (Milano)  for the Genova exhibition ‘Paganini Rockstar’ which is showing around the Cannone Violin.) click here! https://wp.me/sH1iH-25470

Rehearsing with Simon Bainbridge

Close quarters action! A delightful rehearsal tonight of Simon Bainbridge’s wonderful Clarinet Quintet (which the Kreutzers premiered many moons back) with Linda Merrick, Clifton Harrison, Mihailo Trandafilovski (the bow to the left), Neil Heyde and the composer. An evening of ideas, beauty and laughter.

With Simon Bainbridge 18 12 18

‘Futhork for Jan Groth’

First look/listen. In September, I brought my ‘Futhork for Jan Groth’ to the Minneapolist Institute of Art, to celebrate the installation of one his astonishing ‘Gobelins'(tapestries). Here’s the film which I made of some of my pieces from the cycle (which was commissioned by Festspilerne i Bergen in 2017), interleaved with his words, plus Bassano, Purcell, Torelli, de Machy and Myllargutens Bridal March. This is not the final film, which will include Groth’s works and inrtoductory material.

Preludes & Vollenteries Continues!

Peter Sheppard Skærved-Violins 

Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 6 PM – 9 PM

St Michael, CornhillSt Michael’s Alley, EC3V 9DS London, United Kingdom

Nicola Matteis Senior, Nicola Matteis Junior

Michael Hersch -‘the weather & landscape are on our side’ European Premiere
Admission: £10 (£5 Concessions)
on the door or at www.peter-sheppard-skaerved.com

‘Preludes & Vollenteries’ explores the music of the baroque in churches built and restored by Wren, Hooke & Hawksmoor after the 1666 Great Fire. Peter is delighted to bring the series to this wonderful, Italianate church, in which he was first privileged to play in his teens, and which remains a source of inspiration. The concert focuses on the extraordinary Neapolitan Nicola Matteis, who dominated string playing in London from the time of his arrival in the early 1670s. And a new work by acclaimed American composer Michael Hersch, who has collaborated with Peter since 2004

Inspiration on my practice desk,

Ole Bull’s distinctive signature(s) on the first edition of Mozart K364

…..yelling, ‘Back to work!!’. Ole Bull’s score and set of parts for Mozart K.364 (Sinfonia Concertante), which documents a performance that he gave withJJoseph Hellmesberger in Vienna 1878. Here’s some Bull, with Roderick Chadwick (if you like it, get the Album from Metier Divine Art)

Spotify playlist!

In preparation for tomorrow’s talk at Peabody I have spent an idle thirty minutes assembling an ancient/modern Spotify playlist (about 700 tracks) of recordings I’ve done, from Telemann to Rawsthorne, from Finnissy to Beethoven, from violin alone, to concertos, to quartets, duos, trios. Here’s the link, if you want..


Recording Schubert Sonatas. December 2015


A moment with Torelli in New York City (and Svalbard)

The first capital from the 1688 edition of Torelli’s Op 4 Concertini, dedicated to the Duke of Modona

Torelli much on my mind, still, and will play him at the Metropolitan Museum tonight. I found my alter ego leaning on one of the ornamented capitals (P for preludio) in this 1688 edition which he dedicated to the Duke of Modona.