‘that aristocrat …among violinists, Peter Sheppard Skaerved.’ Musicweb May 2019 (Rob Barnett)

My home for the evening. Preludes & Vollenteries 18 . A little Westhoff, a little Pisendel, a little Tartini, a little Sculthorpe in the wonderful space of St Botolphs’ Bishopsgate

Welcome to my website.  It’s full of recordings, films, writing, process stories and a lot of drawing.

18th May. A different view of my work, from Sweden

The view from Sweden. Spring 2019

This arrived in the post this morning. Responding to my collaboration with young Swedish composers. More here Link

17th May – Working on Mozart completions

Tim Jones working with me on his fascinating completions of Mozart sonata movements for piano and violin. 18 5 19

A wonderful afternoon working with Tim Jones on his completions of Mozart piano/violin sonatas (what we do when we ar;en’t teaching at the RAM) An Academy: where artists practice their art-a playground!

17th May Recording Hafliði Hallgrimsson.

First listen from yesterday’s recording, Unedited outtakes of the 15 movement collection ‘Klee Sketches’, written for me from 2004-2019, by the great Hafliði Hallgrímsson, Listen here! https://wp.me/pH1iH-6NM

Peter Sheppard Skaervedand Hallgrimsson, 15 5 19

Hafliði Hallgrimsson is one of the most important musicians in my life. I met hims 25 years ago, and this time 24 years ago recorded his wonderful ‘Offerto’ for solo violin. His musical imagination is miraculous amalgam of lyricism, storytelling, colour, economy and deep expression.

14th May Editing Schubert, Cowie and more!

A day in the editing suite. Here’s part of the outcome.

Edward Cowie 6th Quartet- follow the link https://wp.me/pH1iH-6Nr

Editing edit notes, map, and wave form…

12th May – David Matthews in conversation with Sergei Rachmaninov – Listen to this

David Matthews in a recording session

A few weeks ago, I premiered David Matthews ‘Fantasies’. The fifth is a response to Sergei Rachmaninov’s Prelude op. 23 no. 5 in G minor. It’s wonderful to play. Enjoy!

David Matthews – Fantasia on Rachmaninov’s Prelude in G minor (World Premiere)

Composition & Craft Craft Central at The Forge 25th April  Peter Sheppard Skærved –Violin (Live)

Haydn. THE BIRD 10th May 2019.

As a 19-year old, I had the chance to study this piece with Norbert Brainin (Helen Kamminga, Karen Winkelmann, Ruth Alford will all remember this), and I have never forgotten him singing the menuet with us, whilst waving the melody on and on ‘wie im Himmel’ he smiled, and sang on and on, with his one and only smile. All that he knew was, that music poured from him, and when it was Haydn, this flood was joy itself. So wonderful to play this piece and to say thankyou to my teacher. With Neil Heyde, Clifton Harrison, Mihailo Trandafilovski two nights ago.

Simon Bainbridge – 2nd Quartet Live! 8 5 19

Here it is. Simon Bainbridge’s just astonishing 2nd Quartet, last night, for the composer, at the JDP, Oxford, with Neil Heyde, Clifton Harrison, Mihailo Trandafilovski Hold onto your hats!

A ‘new’ Corant (9th May 2019)

Thomas Baltzar – 1630-1660

And…yesterday’s other little find. I had taken some facsimiles of C17th music copy books to look at on the train yesterday. And then I realised that the Thos. Baltzar ‘Corant’ for solo violin was not the same piece as the one I already know and play (the key being the different and it being 40 bars long, not 22, should have been a clue). So as of yesterday, there’s one more lovely piece for solo violin by this brooding virtuoso. Here’s the G minor Suite:

9th May 2019 – New Publication – Michael Hersch – In the Snowy Margins

The lovely new volume from Presser

A wonderful and unexpected present awaited me when I got home from last night’s quartet concert. The new edition of Michael Hersch’s ‘In the Snowy Margins’, which I premiered in in 2011. with the beautiful engraving from Theodore Presser, and a little introduction which I wrote (had clean forgotten about this!) Listen here, and the VIOLINISTS, yet another piece for you, if you can stray from the well-trodden and – yawn – familiar path. Listen here

The introduction which I wrote for this

8th May 2019 – It comes out differently every time. 

Bach-D minor Partita BWV 1004 (Sarabandes!) VIolin-Peter Sheppard Skaerved 

Critics talk a lot about interpretations. Performers don’t. We know that the deeper our relationship with a piece of music, the less control we will have as to how it comes out. Here are three performances of the Bach D minor Sarabande. All recorded within 20 minutes of each other, five years ago. And they are nothing like how I would play them … today!

The 1698 Strad heard here. Bridge replacement time

More here https://wp.me/pH1iH-44X

7th May 2019 Dividing it up

Two solutions. As you can see, the transcriber has refashioned the contrapuntal texture in the top tight corner, an octave higher, at the bottom

Today, just a scrap of score. A large scale set of Division By Anthony Poole (c1629-1692) . This is one of about 15 sets of divisions transcribed for solo violin in the late 1600s by an anonymous musician. They are fascinating,  revealing an advanced virtuosity resulting from the challenge of the highly refined gamba playing of the time, when applied to the violin. More, and eventually much more, here. https://wp.me/pH1iH-6Ms

6th May 2019 Erik Satie-Chorale Hypoctrite 1914 (Published 1916)

One of the most beautiful pages of score I know. Eric Satie’s ‘Chorale Hypocrite

with Roderick Chadwick, Piano

Eric Satie’s ‘Choses’ are perhaps the most enigmatic set of pieces ever written for piano and violin. Written just before the war, they have fascinated me for many years. And they are exquisitely beautiful. It would be difficult to imagine anything more poised than the ‘Chorale of the Hypocrite’ which starts the set. Satie writes on the score:

‘My chorales are as good as Bach’s. But fewer and less pretentious'(!!!)

To hear the rest of the set follow the link

5th May  2019. Three French Menuets on an extraordinary French Violin

Here are three exquisite minuets by MIchel Corrette, from one his two guides to violin playing, on a fantastic French violin, and a wonderful Bow. With thanks to Ben Hebbert.

The orginal finger board of the 1760 Chappuy -s offering such insight into these pieces

Corrette, Michel-Menuets 1,2,3 ‘L’école d’Orphée’ Op.18
Violin-Chappuy ca. 1760, Bow- FX Tourte ca 1770)

Violin attrib to Gaspar da Salo (doubtful)- 16th century Brescian (?)- originally 3 String

Peter Sheppard Skaerved – Workshop recording (Wapping 14 7 17)

3rd May 2019 – Hafliði Hallgrimsson– Offerto

A morning rune on my working score of Hafliði Hallgrimsson’s ‘Flight of Time’ 4 5 19

It’s always a pleasure, and intriguing to practice the fine detail of a great work which I have played for many years. Today I have been doing fine detail on Hafliði Hallgrimsson’s four movement work for solo violin, which I first recorded in 1995. It’s a magical piece, and this movement is wonderful to perform (and study). Here’s the 3rd Movement on the 1719 ‘Maurin’ Stradivari

The Flight of Time

I will be recording the set again, and the two books of his Klee Sketches, in two weeks. To hear the whole of my VERY OLD recording of Offerto, go to  the LINK

2nd May 2019 -A day in several parts.

Natural counterpoint – Schmelzer and Andrew Toovey

Practising wonderful solo works by Schmelzer (scordatura AEAD) and Andrew Toovey for Preludes and Vollenteries 21 on the 7th June (more details to follow) and finally neatening up the performing materials for my Dream of the Field Cricket (dedicated to Laurence Rose) which will be premiered with Mihailo Trandafilovski (see Mihailo,, it’s legible now!)on 1st June at a wonderfully original event, bringing together issues of ecology, writing, music, landscape and more – follow the link

Finally legible.